About us

ReKindle organises contemporary art events in public parks. Tony Peakall and Judith Brocklehurst have been running a weekend event in Queen’s Wood, North London for the last twelve years and around Alexandra Palace boating lake for five. We have now been joined by Russ Hodgson. The events involve artists at different stages of their careers and by the nature of the venues, the work is experienced by a very diverse audience.

All Artists are selected on quality of ideas not status. To show work in the truly democratic setting of the public park.

This years show take place in Queen’s Wood:

12th and 13th September 2015

We are celebrating 20 years of shows in the wood and invite you to remix any of the themes from previous shows, we are still accepting proposals for: 

The Remixes

Private view 12th  4.30- dusk…

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